Welcome to Promedic main activities

With many years of experience held by its founders, built by their serious work and with its undeniable quality of its products, services & benefits, Promedic has built today, a reputation of professionalism, ethics and credibility.

Representation of Pharmaceutical Companies 

  • Promedic is a representative office of pharmaceutical laboratories in Tunisia.
  • We obtains for you the AMM (the Marketing Authorization) in each country.
  • We ensure the follow-up of all the stages of the registration with the regulatory health authorities.
  • We recruit medical representatives able to promote your products and specialties to prescribes.
  • We ensure the training and coaching of your sales team.

Consulting Market Research


  • Promedic detains the database of all the health structures, the doctors, the pharmacists, the health workers in Tunisia.
  • Promedic  has also the database of more than 80 % of tenders and consultations in these countries.
  • Promedic, through its department of consulting, ensures for you market studies in these countries and let you participate in several countries tenders.
  • Promedic can recommend you local distributors.
  • Our target: a partnership based on advising.

Submission To Tenders And Consultations


  • The information reaches us shortly after opening the tenders, which will leave us enough time to submit and register your products in the concerned countries.
  • We have an updated database of prices of the products that won previous tenders, which will allow us to submit with the good price.
  • We have several partners, distributors in several countries.
  • Promedic gives you the possibility of shortening ways and winning time before the deadlines.

Management of Regulatory Affairs


  • Promedic respects the total discretion of all the information, all the processes, the certificates of our suppliers and pharmaceutical companies partners.
  • Promedic  ensures a regular follow-up of your files in all the steps of the registration.
  • Promedic  will send you a regular feedback with higher reactivity.
  • Promedic, through its department of export, is well introduced in several countries and has a good relationship with their opinion leaders and their corresponding regulatory directors.
  • We know the strategic needs for every country and consequently, the products asked the most by each of them.