About Company


Is a marketing agency operating in pharmaceutical medical information in Tunisia. PROMEDIC is a company, founded in 2008 but operating in the tunisian market since more than 40 years, throughout the experience of its founder Mr Brahim SAKER ZOUBEIDI a biologist working in medical information, in Tunisia, since 1971.



Our job consists in all kind of actions made on the behalf of laboratories in order to stimulate sales of their products in Tunisia.

Consulting & Market research

Promedic through its department of consulting, ensures for you market studies in these countries and let you participate in several countries tenders.

Representation of pharmaceutical companies

We respect your strategy, your marketing axes and messages in frame of a sharing, continuous and fluid exchange.

Management of regulatory affairs

Our company through its department of export, is well introduced in several countries and has a good relationship with their opinion leaders and their corresponding regulatory directors.

Our Partners

We could not do what it does without the support of its partners. That’s why we work with our partners to enable more flexibility and support to our customers in the Tunisian market and to develop more & more our activities.

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